2020: Spartan Race bodovací systém

2020: New pointing system for Elite Category

a) All races are scored using a 300 point system. Points are assigned based on each Elite competitor’s
final place and gender:

i) The top placed male and female Elite athletes are scored equally as follows:

ii) For places beyond 11th, the points differential between each finisher becomes 1 (12th place
131, 13th place 130 and so on).

iii) At 197th place and beyond within both male and female Elite categories, there are no points
(ie. 0) awarded.

1) For example, a male Elite competitor finishing 200th receives 0 points.

b) All race levels are scored the same. There is no weighting between race levels, for example Sprint vs
Super, or Sprint vs Beast.

c) There are no separate Age Group divisions or Master’s divisions within the Elite category.

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