2018: Bodovací systém Spartan Race

In 2018, the standard Spartan weighted point system will be used to determine all Elite, Age Group and Open rankings in ALL Points Series, such as National/Regional Series races and Regional Championship events. 

Note: All 5 Regional Championships are standalone events with their own 300 point rankings per event. These events are not tied to National/Regional Series points series rankings in any way.

In order for your results to be properly tabulated into rankings for our Spartan Point Series, you will need to "claim" all your results through Athlinks and make sure all your relevant races are grouped under one Athlinks profile. You can find out how to do that here, as well as fix common Athlinks profile problems. 

Here's the specifics of how you earn points:

Spartan Race Point Series:

Base Points earned are weighted based on course distance:

Sprint: 96% points (288 total to first place male/female).

Super: 98% points (294 total to first place male/female).

Beast: 100% points (300 total to first place male/female).

Points are calculated based on a % of best finish time for overall male and overall female (overall male's time / your time x 300 points)

Example: You are an elite male, you finished the sprint race in 1:02:32. The first place male finished in 59:53. First you convert to seconds for both and then divide, so 3,593 / 3,632 x 300 pts x .96 (Sprint distance weighting) = 284.9 or 285

What else you need to know:

  • To qualify as Elite you must race in the designated Elite heat. If you race in the Elite wave for some of your races and race in the Open heats, or Age Group Category for a couple of events, those Open heat or Age Group races will not  be combined with your Elite points in the Elite series.
  • Elite heat must have a minimum of 30 male or 10 female participants to qualify the athletes to receive ranking points at that event. In some cases, race directors may allow only ranked athletes to enter a Elite heat. 
  • Only your top 5 best races earn points
  • If you are late to your heat you will not earn Elite points, at the Race Director's discretion. 
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