2020: H3X

H3X Frequently Asked Questions


I keep hearing about this event but don't know what it is.

The H3X at its core is a Hurricane Heat, but instead of being a single event on a certain date, its ALL THREE Hurricane Heat lengths rolled into a consecutively run event. Additionally, there will be six venues to choose from across the globe (USA, Austria, Slovakia, Hong Kong, Philippines and China) which all start at the exact same time and run simultaneously regardless of time zone. It will have the feel that you’re participating in the same event with thousands of your Endurance family wherever they are.



Why are all of the start times varied?

Due to the fact that this event starts at the same time regardless of time zone, the start times need to be varied to accommodate.


I thought this was a US only event this year?

Due to popular demand we opened this up to other countries and populations. You’re welcome!


What if I only want to do the HH24HR?

In this case, you only need to register for the HH24HR. The HH and HH12HR participants will be with you until their events conclude and then you will carry on. Good luck!


Will doing this event help me complete my Endurance Trifecta and Delta?

Absolutely! Successful completion of any of these events adds a wedge to your Delta or Endurance trifecta.


Will there be a gear list and gear list video like other HH events?

Count on it! It will be released in the language of the venue you register for.


How is this event different than an HH or HH12HR?

The biggest difference is that all three events on each venue run concurrently.


Why are these all running at the same time?

Community, family and the chance to do the same event plan as your friends in four other location.


Will there be a cool patch or other swag for this event?

Absolutely! We are creating event specific merchandise items also.


What if I sign up for the HH12HR or HH24HR but decide only to do the HH?

You will be given a chance to change your registration BEFORE the event starts, but once it starts you must complete what you are registered for.

Will I be able to grab my food after the Hurricane Heat for the HH12HR?

Yes, there will be a brief transition time where those continuing can prepare their bags/food/etc.

If I complete all three tiers, will I get three lots of medals, tags and shirts?

Participants only collect medals and tags for successful completion of the highest tier they go for.
So, for example, if a participant completes the Hurricane Heat and goes on to the HH12HR and completes that, they will receive only the HH12HR items If they continue and do all 24 hours, they will receive only the HH24HR items.

Will I get the medal of the tier below if I continue, but do not complete it?

Participants must make the decision to continue and complete the next tier, or risk losing everything.

For example, if the participant makes it through the Hurricane Heat and HH12HR, but fails the HH24HR, they will receive nothing. Anyone is welcome to stop at any time after one tier is complete and they will receive that tier's finisher items, but they may not continue.

Think of it like running a marathon. Completing 18 miles and quitting doesn't get you a half marathon. It simply means you came 6.2 miles short of finishing the marathon and so go home empty-handed.

Will we get a heads-up of what we will be doing during H3X?

No. Absolutely not. Bring your gear list, a good attitude, a body that has done some training and a smile. That's all you need.

So there will be a gear list, then?

Yes. Read (or watch) carefully!
Attention! Below mentioned list is the list from 2019 season for education purpose here only. Season  2020 list will be updated minimum 21 days before  event.
All athletes MUST wear a black shirt. Can be a t-shirt, sports bra, tank top, whatever you want, but it must be black.




What if I have never done a Hurricane Heat or HH12HR before?

Each venue has an event page. Krypteia and participants - new and veterans - will be on that page and offering help if you need it. Whether you have questions about gear, training, etc, they can help you. Check them out:

But don't I need different gear for different tiers?

 Nope - one gear list will take you through the whole event, regardless of how many stages you get through!

If during the event there are team portions, can I pick my own team? No. The event and Kryptiea have a way of self-selecting the teams. Besides, isn't meeting new people fun?

Can I bring items that are not on the gear list? No. Anything you bring that is not on the list will be confiscated and returned when you are finished. The gear list is designed to help you, not hinder you. If it's not on there, you don't need it.

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