Manual how to use Deferral function

Simple manual how to use proper way online deferral function.


  1. Deferral function is working only for individuals.
  2. Deferral function can be use only if active events are available in the list of events.
  3. Deferral function can be used only for one transfer for each event you paid.
  4. Deferral function is available for transfer among events in one country only.
  5. Using of deferral function is for free at season 2020 if you use same level of category or discipline.
  6. You have to use same profile data to do whole process of deferral.
  7. You should complete whole process asap or not later then within 2 hrs. Otherwise you are risking lost free space in desired time slot.
  8. You cannot use deferral function for Teams, Kids, HH, Ultra and Trail.
  9. Deferral function can be used till last Sunday before race.


Let’s go thru whole process of registration.

If you want to switch to different race within country – your first step will be to login to your profile. Then first check new race if there are available desired start times for you and note how is capacity there.  If everything is OK with capacity of heat waves you can go back to your profile.

Let say you want to change your Sprint Liberec to the later race Sprint Dolni Morava in Czech rep.

 Click on the green icon with two arrows icon-deferral.PNG     under Order Edit column in the line of the race which you want to change.






Next window you will find list of offered events.

Postponned races.

In some cases you will see in this offer also events which have  been postponed and they are visible   with fictive date – usually second half  of December 2020. In case of Czech rep. you can see in the offer postponed races  Sprint and Super Kromeriz with fictive date 26-27/Dec 2020.  New date will be announced when government release any limitation for large group sport events.  Due to this fact, pls, do not make transfer to the postponed  events because you will not be able to use your discount code to the new registration.




Please, double check your selection, there is no step back in this phase of process.



After you click on confirmation button you will get new window with confirmation message and also confirmation email about your change of the race to your email box.

NOTE! This is not end of process.





Email about change of the race - sample



Copy the Code of race change obtained in email (see yellow frame) and continue to register to the new race with this code. It will let you register for free. You have to use same profile and same personal  data to make new registration otherwise the code will not work.

Paste your code to the Discount Code field in the section 3 of registration form.



Please, check section 5 of your new registration if code is correct and discount was applied. Any mistake here is not refundable.



After finishing of new registration, you will get new email - confirmation of registration in your mail box.  Check your profile if the new change is visible.  After successful  change of race you should see in your profile new race and status should have sing OK.

You have only 2 hrs to make whole process otherwise you can lost your registration.





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