Spartan Slovakia statement to Corona Virus

Update from June 11, 2020 on new Deferral function.

Dear Spartans

Due to Covid-19 we decided to help our registered clients with so far officially postponed events.  We found many questions on social media about postponed events and new dates.  First of all, we want make you sure, nobody who already registered will lost their money.  Everybody will have chance to choose different event even if new date will be not good for him.

However, today nobody knows how long will take this disaster also we in Spartans  are not able to set up new dates for already postponed events. When CEU governments will provide clear information when sports activities will be open we will introduce you new dates of postpones events. We already prepare today new calendar for season 2021. This will be announced soon.  We fully understand than not everybody  will accept new dates of postponed events. We prepared for this case new online possibility for all individuals in their profile new deferral function.  Deferral function will be fully automatic and will work with new free codes which  are generated also fully automatically.

Deferral function  will work for season 2020 free for all individuals. Teams have not this possibility online because  of limitation of our registration system. Of course teams will have same possibility to choose another event in case if new date is not good for them but this will be done different way with email.  Just one note to the teams. Teams can make transfer „en bloc“  - it means all member of the team will be moved together  to the new date not just some members.

Due to  registration limitation KIDS registration can  not use online deferral function.

How online deferral function will work?

Please, click here for details.

CEU Spartan




Update from Apr 21, 2020 on European Championship Qualifications.

Due to Covid-19 Spartan made modifications of conditions for European Championship qualifications. For details about new conditions please, click here.



Update about Pezinok  from March 19, 2020:

Given the situation and the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we decided to postpone Pezinok Spartan Sprint, Beast, Kids and Hurricane Heat, scheduled for April 25th to a later date. Your safety is our top priority. New date is not known yet, but as soon as it is available, it will be published on the official Spartan Race website and on the official social media channels. All tickets for races that will be rescheduled remain valid for the new, rescheduled dates.

In this difficult situation, we keep to think positive, and we greatly appreciate your trust and support.

We are used to overcome obstacles, and not only on the course, but also in everyday life! We are Spartans!


Update from March 13,  2020:

Spartan Race Slovakia is currently not canceling any of the upcoming races on the territory of Slovakia. We have been monitoring and will continue to monitor developments on the outbreak of the COVID-19 corona virus closely.

We are committed to complying with all the government policies, requests, and regulations. We will continue to work with the local government authorities to ensure the safety of all Spartan Race Events.

Unless you have been notified via email or the information has been posted on the official Spartan web sites or official social media channels that the race has been postponed or canceled, please assume that your race is still happening.

Your safety is our number one priority. We are reviewing and implementing best practices in our race planning and operations to reduce the risk of exposure to the illness.

Please be mindful and stay home if you are symptomatic (having fever, cough, or shortness of breath) or have recently traveled to a high-risk country.

Thank you for understanding.

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