2019: Spartan Trifecta World Championship

The Trifecta World Championship is the paramount event for the Trifecta community. Not only is the Trifecta World Champion crowned- but it is also the event that gathers the Spartan Trifecta community from all across the world to come together where it all began: in Sparta, Greece.
Everybody who qualifies can race in Sparta- Elite, Age Group or Open.
Elite / Age Group Categories: the Championship heats. 
The Elite and Age Group heats are the competitive heats where we crown World Champions.
How to qualify for the Trifecta World Championship?
In order to qualify for the TWC you have to complete a Trifecta in either 2018 or 2019 - before the TWC race date. You do not need to have completed a Trifecta before you complete the process of registering, but you can then only actually race in Sparta if you have completed a Trifecta before that event.
I earned my Trifecta in 2018, how can I sign up?
Registrations for the TWC 2019 open on January 1, 2019. If you completed your Trifecta in 2018 you will receive an email before that date so that you can sign up on January 1, 2019.
If you did not your email by that date- please email with your name, surname, date of birth, and the races you completed in 2018 in order to complete your Trifecta. Once you are verified as having completed a Trifecta you will receive a password to access registration.
I will earn a Trifecta in 2019, how can I sign up?
From January 15, 2019 on- the registration will be available  If you do not complete a Trifecta before October 31 2019 you will automatically be removed from the registration for the event and be ineligible to race. There are NO refunds in this event, so please do not sign up unless you are sure you will complete your Trifecta before October 31. There are no exceptions.
There are only 2,000 spots available for this event. Registration will be first come first served, with 2018 Trifecta finishers getting first access to the event. 
How does the race work?
Racers competing in the Trifecta World Championship must commit to racing all 3 races in order to rank in overall rankings. The winner will be the racer with the fastest cumulative time across the Sprint, Super and Beast races. Penalties for missed burpees, breaking rules on obstacles etc, will apply as normal in each race. All standard Spartan race rules apply. 

What if I am not an elite athlete?

Open, Age Group, and Elite Trifecta racers are welcome to sign up for this event. 

Is there anything different in the races or any special rules?
The races will follow all standard Spartan race rules for Sprint, Super and Beast in terms of distance, number of obstacles, and so on. There may be some unique obstacles and more info on this will be given in the pre-race communication. 
Do I have to do all 3 races?
In order to be in the Trifecta ranking and results, yes, and in order to earn unique Trifecta World Championship finisher swag, yes. For racers wanting to travel to Sparta for the experience and to cheer on friends or family there will be the option to race the Open category in the Sprint and Super. The Beast is exclusive to those competing the Trifecta event.
How does the 'staggered start' work for the Beast race?
The final race will be the Beast race. Based on the time rankings after the Sprint and Super, racers will start in a staggered, time-trial, fashion at the beginning of the Beast. For example, the Elite category leader after Sprint and Super has a 20 second lead over second place, who in turn has a 30 second over third place and so on. At the start of the Beast the first racer starts at 9.00.00 am, racer 2 starts at 9.00.20 am, racer 3 starts at 9.00.50 am and so on until 9.15.00 am at which time all other Elites not yet started take to the course. The same will apply for each Age Group category and all Age Group brackets will start separately. The Open category will not have a 'staggered start' and will start in mass waves as normal after the Elite and Age Group waves.  
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